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The lab's mission is to harness the power of emotions to the benefit of societies, organizations, workers and customers. From the individual employee to the societal level, emotions move people to take action, and are a key element of interaction between workers, customers, managers and group members. The lab investigates the role of emotions in today's workplace, focusing specifically on the interpersonal effects of emotion. By testing emotion displays in all forms, explicitly looking at digital displays of emotion and their impact on others, the lab aspires to improve the well-being of workers with the emphasis on both service providers and service recipients. We intend to explore emotions’ influence at the organization, group and individual levels, investigating the regulation of emotions and its bearing on individuals and groups with the intention of improving functionality and sustainability of relationships within and between groups. Our goal is to better understand displays of emotion in order to utilize the powerful and functional influence these have on the dynamic relationships within and between individuals in the workplace. And all this while training young researchers and raising a generation that will lead the field of emotions in academia and industry.


Good health and well being
quality education
decent work and economic growth