Arik Cheshin - Head of the Lab

Arik Cheshin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Services. His research focuses on the social aspects of emotions in organizations. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology and with a love for research. He completed his graduate work at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and enjoyed a wonderful postdoc at the University of Amsterdam in the EASI lab. As the head of the research lab he hopes that the lab will help in understanding and solidifying the impactful role emotions play in our world and more specifically in the workplace, while growing a new generation of researchers in the field.

PhD Students

Hiba Rashed

Hiba is a PhD student at the department of Human Services. My PhD research focuses on the role of emotions in customer to customer electronic-commerce (C2C). Within this project, we would like to test how an emotional description and references to previous ownership shape critical processes of developing trust and affect in e-commerce C2C which in part, might influence consumer purchasing intention and the value attributed to a used item.

Master’s degree in Human services (Cum Laude, 2015-2018). The Department of Human Services, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration (Cum Laude, 2010-2013). The Faculty of Social Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel.

MA Students

Noy Nissimov - Lab Manager

Noy is a student in the Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies. She completed her BA in psychology from Interdisciplinary Center (IDC). Noy is the Lab Manager and takes part in the various researches that we conduct in the lab.

Sorin Solomon

Sorin is an M.A. graduate in Human Services department (B.A. in the same field). His thesis deals with the interpersonal emotion regulation in service teams. His field of interest is emotions in the workplace. He is working on further expanding the research of his thesis to make it publishable. In the lab, Sorin is a researcher and the “techie guy”. Outside the lab, Sorin works as the Head of Networks and Operations Team in the Library.”

Meirav Rovner-Pollak

Meirav Rovner-Pollak, 43 years old, she is currently completing her master's thesis and aspires to pursue a PHD. Researches the field of emotion expression in the digital service system in a large public organization.

Ma'ayan Keshet-Bert

she has a BA in management from Ben Gurion University.

she is studying for her MA in Human Services at Haifa University.

she has entered the emotion research lab as part of her thesis that deals with the study of anger.

Research Assistants

Abrar Bader

B.A student in sociology and human services.

Focused and responsible for research in Rambam Hospital.

Gal Avital

Gal is a B.A sociology and Human Resources student in the two-discipline track. Gal is a research assistant and as part of her role, she works on analyzing interviews with the rest of the team. In her spare time, Gal loves to travel.

Sara Willy

Sara willy is a student at the University of Haifa, she is studying BA in Political Science and Human Services.

Tasneem Abu Elhija

Tasneem is a B.A student in the Department of Sociology and Human Services at the University of Haifa. She is a research assistant to Dr. Arik Cheshin and takes an active part in missions related to his research.


Eden Cohen

Eden has a BA in human services and political science in a two-discipline track at the University of Haifa. She was a research assistant in the field of emotions in organizations with Dr. Arik Cheshin. As part of the role, Eden compares data received, collects questionnaires from subjects, and looks for potential questionnaires for research.